Austin Elser

Favorite / Inspiring quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

Age: 35 

Home Town: Wakefield, KS

Residence: Lawrence, KS (LFK)


How has cycling changed your life?

I was raised riding bikes, by a cyclist, it is essential to who I am. For a short time in my life I left the sport, but I’ve always been and will always be a cyclist.


What was your first bike?

Schwinn Mini-Thasher, first “Real Bike”: Bianchi Premio (made in Italy, with toe-straps and downtube shifters)


What makes you laugh?

Most anything, but usually sarcasm


Do you read directions or just dive in?

It doesn’t matter, I get lost anyway.


What is your favorite pie?

Cherry Cheesecake (if that counts, because its in a pie crust)  

Top Racing Results

State Champion Masters (30+) Cyclocross 2016, 2017

1st Place (nevermind who I beat) Octaginta TT 2017

1st Place Perry Roubaix 2012