Garrick Valverde

Favorite / Inspiring quote: "Be the hero of your own movie." 


AGE: 28

HOME TOWN: Lawrence, KS


How has cycling changed your life?

Cycling calms my wild monkey jeans, which in turn makes me a calmer and friendlier person. This day-by-day effect has profoundly shaped the type of person I am; my outlook on life, the relationships I have, and certainly my health.


What was your first bike?

I had a GT BMX bike. It was completely chrome with red decals. I honestly don’t know what happened to it.


What makes you laugh?

My diaphragm


Do you read directions or just dive in?

Dive in, always. 


What is your favorite pie?

Cherry pie

Top Racing Results

1st Stage 3 Joe Martin Cat1/2 (2015)
1st Cliff Drive Circuit Race & Overall Tour of KC (2016)
1st Category 1 Cyclocross State Championships (2017)