Michelle Jensen

Favorite / Inspiring quote: "If you change nothing, nothing will change."

AGE: 42

HOME TOWN: Overland Park, Kansas

RESIDENCE: Salida, Colorado


How has cycling changed your life?

Having been a runner and getting injured (stress fracture in my foot) I was so happy to have another competitive sport. Living in Lawrence for 18 years I made so many friends through bike riding. While I have raced a long time, the relationships I have developed are much more meaningful than the events. Endurance and goal setting are two other important life lessons that cycling has taught me.  


What was your first bike?

My very first road bike a ten speed from Western Auto and then there was a hand me down Bianchi and the first road bike I bought was a Trek from Sunflower Outdoor and Bike (sidewalk sale). Before all that I’d bought a computer Diamond Back mountain bike. Man, I’ve actually had a bunch of bikes already in my lifetime!


What makes you laugh?

I am often laughing at myself and all the silly things I do intentionally or not. But my husband, Brian, can always bring a smile to my face.


Do you read directions or just dive in? 

I have a great sense of direction but I do, more often than not, plug in an address just to be efficient with time.  


What is your favorite pie?

Strawberry Rhubarb! But I’ll eat any of them.


Top Racing Results

2017 Lutsen 69er, 2nd place

2017 Chequamegon, 3rd place age group


2018 The Epic 80 miler, 1st place