We are an elite cycling team whose members compete in numerous competitions across the U.S. Our riders have an affinity for targeting some of the longest and most grueling cycling races in the disciplines of road, long-distance gravel, mountain biking, and cyclocross.  We are a close-net group with several of us having raced alongside each other for over a decade. Our riders balance full-time jobs with their training and racing ambitions.  We are a diverse group consisting of past professional cyclists, a chiropractor, engineer, stay-at-home dad, and more.


The team is proud to have the support of our title sponsor, Tradewind Energy, as well as our supporting sponsors whom all work in advancing renewable, clean energy.  As cyclists, we spend a lot of our time outdoors enjoying clear skies and fresh air.  For this reason and much more, we stand behind renewable energy as the solution for sustaining our planet and all it has to offer for the generations to come. 

Austin Elser  

Bill Stolte 

Brian Jensen 

Garrick Valverde 

Joseph Schmalz

Josh Stephens

Matt Gilhousen

Michelle Jensen